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How to integrate Wiza with Salesforce
How to integrate Wiza with Salesforce

How to sync leads and save contacts to Salesforce

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This article will show you everything you need to know to integrate Wiza with Salesforce.

In this article:

Connecting your Salesforce Account

1. Click Integrate.


2. Click Connect under Salesforce.


3. Log in to Salesforce.

Log into Salesforce

Field Mapping

Click Setup to customize how your Wiza data is imported into your Salesforce account.

Doing so will take you to the window below:

Lead mapping
  • Contacts saved on Wiza sync to Salesforce as either Leads or Contacts.

  • To change an existing field mapping, simply select the field you’d like to change and choose an alternative.

  • To map a new field, select Add new mapping, and select the Wiza and Salesforce fields to map.

If there is a Wiza field that you would like to import but cannot find an applicable Salesforce field, please consult your Salesforce admin about creating a custom field.

Custom Field Mapping

You can create custom Wiza fields. Let's say that you have a SF Field called “Source” that you would like to populate with the field “from Wiza” for all of the contacts that you import from Wiza.

To do this:

  1. At the bottom, click Map new field.

  2. Select Custom from the Wiza Field dropdown.

  3. Select the Salesforce field you would like to map to, in this case 'Lead Source'.

  4. On the right, select 'Set' and enter “from Wiza”.

  5. Select Save changes.

Now, every contact that you import from Wiza will include the value “from Wiza” within your SF Lead Source field. This makes filtering your existing SF database for contacts created by Wiza very easy.

Syncing your data

To sync your list:

  1. To sync contacts from a list: Go to Lists and select an option from the dropdown menu at the bottom of a list.

    Import list to Salesforce

    'Valid' includes emails that have been verified for deliverability. These emails are 97% deliverable.

    'Risky' = emails that Wiza couldn’t verify for deliverability. These are always free and do not use email credits.

    To learn more about valid and risky emails, click here.

  2. If you would like to only sync a select few people, click on your list to open the contact's browser. Then select the Sync option next to each contact.

    Sync contact



Under settings, you can set your Salesforce field mappings as the default for all users on your Team.

You can also set the Primary object type for your Salesforce integration. This is the main object type defining every prospect as they sync to or from Salesforce, either Leads or Contacts (with Accounts).

Primary Sync Method

If you have connected multiple tools to your Wiza account, but you want to sync your contacts to Salesforce, you must select Salesforce as the Primary sync method.

To do so, click Integrate at the top of your dashboard. Then select the Primary toggle switch under Salesforce.


Now you will see the Salesforce icon whenever you sync.


  1. A contact/account is created but a property field is still blank

    • Depending on the field, there may not be a value available. To find out, download your list results to see if there is a property value for that contact. To see how to download your list, see this article.

    • Make sure your Salesforce Profile has the correct Field Access for that property. Open the Salesforce Object Manager to view field accessibility. To learn more, see this article.

    • Make sure the value complies with any Salesforce field validation rules.

      • There are many types of property fields in Salesforce. These include text, numerical values, dropdown select, dates, currencies, etc. For the full list, see this article.

      • Make sure that the value provided by Wiza is accepted in that Salesforce field. For example, if the Salesforce field is a picklist, the value provided by Wiza must be included as an option within that Salesforce field. To see how to edit your Salesforce fields, see this article.

  2. A contact already exists in Salesforce, but the properties are not being updated

    If a contact with the same email already exists, Wiza will add/update the value of the mapped fields under the following conditions:

    In Salesforce:

  • If the property field has no value, Wiza will update the property field.

  • If the property field already has a value, Wiza will only overwrite the existing value if the Overwrite setting is enabled, see above. If not, the existing value in Salesforce will remain

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