We now offer full integration with Salesforce (SF). This article will show you everything you need to know to get started!

  1. Connecting your Salesforce Account

  2. Field Mapping

  3. Syncing your data

Connecting your Salesforce Account

1. Click 'Integrate'

Click 'Integrate'

2. Click 'Connect now' under Salesforce

Click 'Connect now' under Salesforce

3. Log in to Salesforce

Field Mapping

Click 'Setup' to customize how your Wiza data is imported into your Salesforce account.

Wiza provides the ability to sync people from Wiza with Salesforce as a Lead or as a Contact. Select the toggle at the top of the page to enable one.

To change an existing field mapping, simply select the desired Wiza or Salesforce field you would to modify and choose an alternate field from the from the drop down menu. Make sure to save any changes.

To map a new field, select Add new mapping, and select what Wiza field you would like to import to which Salesforce field.

If there is a Wiza field that you would like to import but cannot find an applicable Salesforce field, please consult your Salesforce admin regarding creating a custom field.

Custom Field Mapping

Users can now create custom Wiza fields. Let's say that you have a SF Field called, Source, that you would like to populate with 'Wiza' for all of the contacts that you import from Wiza.

To do this:

  1. At the bottom, click Map new field

  2. Select Custom from the Wiza Field dropdown

  3. Select the Salesforce field you would like to map to, in this case 'Lead Source'

  4. On the right, select 'Set' and enter from Wiza

  5. Select Save changes

Now, every contact that you import from Wiza will include the value 'from Wiza' within your SF Lead Source field. This makes filtering your existing SF database for contacts created by Wiza very easy.

Syncing your data

To sync your list, select one of the options below your exported list.

'Valid' include emails that we have verified for deliverability. These emails are 97% deliverable.

'Risky' include emails that we weren't able to verify for deliverability. These are always free and do not use email credits.

To learn more about valid and risky emails, click here.

If you would only like to sync some people, click on your list to open the contacts browser. Then simply click Sync next to the desired people.

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