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Downloading your lists
Downloading your lists

How to download or view your list results

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You have 2 ways to download your results:

1. Download all or specific result types from one list

Identify a list you are interested in and select the download button next to the type of result to download (Valid, Risky, All).

Download list
  • Your downloaded file will be in .CSV format. Open this file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

This is what a downloaded file will look like

CSV File

Your downloaded file will include all the data fields available. To view the data fields available, click here!

2. Download result types across multiple lists

If you are looking to download data from multiple lists:

  1. Save the lists under one folder.

  2. Open the Folder.

    Open folder

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the folder page until all the lists appear. Skipping this step may result in some lists being excluded from your download.

  4. Use the download button beside the selected Lists to download result types aggregated from the lists within the open folder.

Download folder
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