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What are folders in Wiza?
What are folders in Wiza?

How can I organize my lists?

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Your lists find their home in folders, a seamless integration that occurs every time you export data from tools like Prospect, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter. This automatic organization also applies when you save a list from individual searches or upload your own.

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To tailor your list organization in a way that aligns with your campaign strategies, we've prepared a video guide below. This tutorial, along with additional tips, will help you optimize your workflow for maximum efficiency.

Why would I create a folder?

Creating folders is essential for organization, particularly when managing multiple lists. For instance, if your prospecting efforts are segmented by industry, organizing these into separate folders for each industry enhances accessibility and efficiency.

Similarly, geographical segmentation can greatly benefit from this approach. Consider creating distinct folders for different regions, such as Canada, the USA, and Europe, to streamline your workflow and improve organization.

Another consideration is your downloading capacity. If you've accumulated hundreds of lists within a single folder, you might encounter difficulties with downloads.

How do I create a folder?

You have a few options for managing this. A straightforward approach involves the lists page. Begin by navigating to the far left and opening the drop-down menu, as shown in the accompanying picture. Your current folder, labelled 'My Lists,' will be visible. From there, creating a new folder is as simple as selecting the indicated text.

new folder

Another method for organizing your exports is illustrated in the GIF. During the export process, after selecting your output and naming your list on the configure page, you'll notice the option for folders to the right. Here, you can easily create a new folder as required.

Am I able to download a folder?

Absolutely! Separating your lists into different folders not only keeps your workspace organized but also facilitates easier downloads. Compiling numerous lists in a single folder often leads to challenges, such as difficulties in downloading due to file size or disorganization.

To download from a specific folder, first ensure you're in the desired folder. Then, click on the download button located at the top left, adjacent to the drop-down menu, and choose the download format that suits your needs.

Downloading folders

Can I change the name of my folder after I created it?

To rename your folder, simply click the pencil icon located next to the download option at the top left.

Rename your folder

Deleting folders

You also have the option to delete folders. However, before proceeding, ensure that all your lists have been transferred to another folder, as deleted folders cannot be recovered.

If you have any more questions about managing folders or anything else, please feel free to reach out through our live chat at the bottom right corner, or you can email us at

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