Your contacts page is where you can filter all contacts across your lists. As well as run exports & syncs to an integrated CRM.

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Filtering contacts

You can use filters to view a specific set of contacts. Filter by:

Owned by - the user under your Wiza account that added a contact to your lists.

Folder - Your lists can be grouped together with folders. Folders are set on the Lists page. If you have folders, determine which one to filter from.

List - Display contacts from a specific list.

When you select this option, more filter options will become available.

How to access the Contacts page

There are two ways to view the Contacts page:

By selecting it from the navigation menu.

Or by clicking on a list under the Lists page.

Exporting & refreshing contacts

This article discusses all the exporting possibilities. However, here is a quick summary:

By selecting Emails or Export CSV you can down a .txt file with a basic list of email addresses or a CSV with even more data.

Refresh your view to update contacts in your current filter if there was new activity since updating your filters.

Syncing contacts

Depending on your CRM Integrate settings, you can select sync on each individual contact you’d like to access in your primary CRM. The contact will sync to whichever integration is listed as Primary in the Integrate tab.

Learn more about syncing and Integrations here.

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