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Find contact info on LinkedIn profiles
Find contact info on LinkedIn profiles

How to find contact details and build a list of leads using the Wiza Chrome extension.

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Finding emails and phone numbers is easy. Our extension does the work while you surf LinkedIn as usual. Wiza also makes it easy for you to take action after building a strong list of prospects.

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Case scenario

Imagine you are a sales rep at a company that runs flash sales multiple times a month. You are looking to compile a list of new leads to promote a flash sale campaign happening at the end of September.

Download the Chrome extension

Sign up for a Wiza subscription and download the Wiza Chrome extension.

Doing so will bring you to the page below. Select Add to Chrome.

View the profile of a lead to find contact details

Once you’ve identified a lead on LinkedIn that you would like to include in your outreach, visit the lead’s profile.

You will see Find email & Find email + phone buttons depending on your plan. Select the option you prefer.

1 email credit is used for each valid email found. Risky emails are free! Learn more about Risky emails in this article.

1 phone credit is used for each lead with at least a phone number provided.

Note: if you do not see those buttons, follow this article to troubleshoot your Wiza extension installation.

In this case, Find email + phone was selected. If Wiza can find a valid email address, it will be displayed in the Wiza tab on the right side of your screen, the same as the phone numbers

Add your lead to a list on Wiza to aggregate with others

You can save the lead and their discovered contact details to a list.

Lists: are a central place to save and aggregate all leads that match the criteria of a prospect search. In this case, we are building a list of prospects for a flash sale campaign (list folder name) in September (hence the “September Month-End” List name).

When a lead is saved to a list, they become a contact in Wiza.

1. Select the Save to List menu to choose an existing list. You will also see a Create list option on this menu - which is what we’ll select in this guide.

2. Enter a List name and select an appropriate folder for it.

Since this list is for a flash sale happening in September, the list matches the context making this search easier to identify and recall later.

3. Select Save.

Repeat this process until you have enough contacts added to your list.

Export or sync to conduct outreach

  1. To view all the contacts saved as part of a search, go to the Lists page.

  2. Click on the list you created for your prospecting search.

This will take you to a contact page where you have the option to filter your contacts with the pane on the left.

You have 3 options:

Download Emails:

Selecting this option will download a .txt file listing the emails of all the contacts in your list.

Use this method for simple or low-volume use cases.

Export CSV:

Exporting a CSV enables you to download more information about all the contacts on your list. Below is a snapshot of the data fields you will have access to:

The additional data fields available in your CSV download can be configured. Read this article on how to exclude or include fields on future CSV exports.


Selecting Sync will prompt you to integrate Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, and Zoho CRM where you can continue your outreach with data synced from your lists.

For more information on integrations, please view these articles.

If you have already integrated the tools above, the sync option will initiate syncing contacts to your primary sync method.

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