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The Wiza Extension isn't working?
The Wiza Extension isn't working?
Why isn't the Wiza extension showing up on my LinkedIn Sales Navigator
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If you are having trouble seeing the Wiza extension on Linkedin, follow the checklist of common reasons below.

  1. Are you using Google Chrome?

  2. Have you installed the Extension? Perhaps you accidentally uninstalled it or you haven't yet installed it, if so click here!

  3. Do you have it pinned to your list of Google Chrome extensions? (see below)

  4. Try opening LinkedIn from your Wiza dashboard by selecting Give it a try

  5. You may have other extensions or cookies that are slowing down your Wiza extension. Try reviewing if there are extensions you don’t need and then reinstall Wiza.

  6. If the situation continues, install and launch the Wiza extension in a new Chrome profile. Here is an external guide on using multiple Chrome Profiles.

If your extension continues to not work after trying the suggestions above, please reach out to us at [email protected] or through our online chat.

Bonus Tip

If you are looking for the extension to appear when searching for lists try access the lists through custom lists in the side panel.

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