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What is a valid email?

This is pure gold!

Valid emails are leads whose emails have been verified and are ready for outreach.

Select Get to download a .CSV file with all these emails. Results can be uploaded to any CRM, email sender, or viewed with Excel/Google Sheets.

Valid emails are addresses that we have verified with 97% deliverability. They’re nearly guaranteed not to bounce.

What is a risky email?

A risky email address is an address that Wiza couldn’t verify for deliverability. These emails tend to have 50-70% deliverability.

Because of their lower deliverability, exporting and using these emails is completely free. They will not impact your email credits.

Read this article to learn more: Should I send to my 'risky' emails

All contacts

Downloading this list will give you all the leads Wiza scraped from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search.

Look for the email_status column to see the whether that lead has a valid or risky email or if no emails was found.

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