Wiza can now automatically sync your scrape results with your Pipedrive database to speed up your workflow even more. This will allow you to use even fewer steps to reach out to the right decision makers.

Setting this up is simple.

1. Click 'Integrate'

Click 'Integrate'

2. Click 'Connect now' under Pipedrive

Click 'Connect now' under Piepdrive

3. Log in to Pipedrive

Sync Leads

To sync leads to Pipedrive, just click the 'Sync' button to the right of each list on your card view.

That's it! Your contact is now in Pipedrive and linked to the correct account.

How to sync all Wiza data fields

By default, Wiza only creates contacts or organizations with fields that are already setup in your Pipedrive account.

If you need to sync fields like "title", "location", and company firmographic data, you need to create these fields or ask your Pipedrive account administrator to create them for you.

As soon as these fields are available in your Pipedrive account, Wiza will fill them out accordingly the next time you sync a list.

Company fields:

company_domain : Text
company_industry : Text
company_subindustry : Text
company_size : Numerical
company_size_range : Text
company_founded : Numerical
company_revenue : Monetary
company_funding : Monetary
company_type : Text
company_linkedin : Text
company_twitter : Text
company_facebook : Text
company_description : Text
company_last_funding_round : Text
company_last_funding_amount : Monetary
company_last_funding_at : Date
company_location : Text
company_street : Text
company_locality : Text
company_region : Text
company_country : Text

Contact fields:

email_type : Text
email_status : Text
full_name : Text
first_name : Text
last_name : Text
title : Text
location : Text
linkedin : Text
wiza_list : Text


Add "wiza" as a label to either Contacts or Companies and Wiza will label any created contact or organization with "wiza".

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