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How to integrate Wiza with Zapier
How to integrate Wiza with Zapier

Zapier integration, step by step.

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Wiza integrates with Zapier, enabling you to use the power of Zapier workflows and triggers when reaching out to LinkedIn contacts discovered with Wiza.

Setting this up is simple.

In this article:

Step 1: Copy a Zapier key from your Wiza account

  1. Click Integrate.


  2. Click Connect now under Zapier.


  3. Copy your Zapier key, then click Add Wiza to Zapier

    Zapier key

  4. Log in to your Zapier account

Step 2: Add the Wiza app on you Zapier account

  1. Navigate to My Apps in your Zapier account.

  2. Select + Add connection.

    Add connection

  3. Search and select Wiza.


  4. Paste your Zapier key from Step 1. Then click Yes, Continue

    Paste Zapier key

  5. Select Accept invite & Build a Zap

    Accept invite

  6. You have successfully connected to Zapier. It has become your primary integration.


Step 3: Sync your contacts

You are now ready to push contacts from a Wiza List to your Zapier integration.

  1. Once your Zapier integration is connected, click Lists.

  2. Select the sync drop-down menu and the sync option of your choice.

'Valid' includes emails that have been verified for deliverability. These emails are 97% deliverable.

'Risky' = emails that Wiza couldn’t verify for deliverability. These are always free and do not use email credits.

To learn more about valid and risky emails, click here.

If you would like to only sync a select few people from a list, click on your list to open the contact's browser. Then select the Sync option next to each contact.


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