With Wiza, or any other email verifier, you'll notice that there's always a category of 'risky' emails. What does this mean?

Risky emails are those that we were unable to know for sure if an email is valid or invalid, the domain has a "catch-all" status. This means, you run the risk of the email not delivering.

So, what do you do with these results? You have two options.

The first option is to just not send to the emails, this is good if you have a huge market and can just go after new leads. If, however, you are limited in leads, we recommend the following:

80/20 Split

Simply mix 80% valid emails, with 20% risky emails, to keep your campaigns overall deliverability score above 90%. This will keep your domain reputation high, while still maximizing the number of leads you have available to email.

P.S. Wiza doesn't charge for risky emails, they're completely free!

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