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Should I send to my 'risky' emails?
Should I send to my 'risky' emails?

What to do with your risky results

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With Wiza, or any other email verifier, you'll notice that there's always a category of Risky emails. What does this mean?

When Wiza finds and presents you an email address for a contact, that address is considered Risky when we can’t verify whether it is valid or invalid.

You can still use Risky email addresses, but it is with caution that the person you intend on contacting may not actually receive a sent email.

How to use ‘Risky’ email addresses?

You have two options:

  • Exclude the email address or contact from your outreach - This is the best choice if you have a huge market and can easily find a new lead.

  • 80/20 Split - Simply mix 80% valid emails, with 20% risky emails, to keep your campaign’s overall deliverability score above 90%.

This will keep your domain reputation high, while still maximizing the number of leads you have available to email.

P.S. Wiza doesn't charge for risky emails, they're completely free!

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