Running a scrape with Wiza is quite simple, this article will teach you how.

Download the Wiza Extension

Firstly, you need the extension in order to connect Wiza with your Linkedin. If you don't have this, it won't be possible to use Wiza.

Run a Search on Linkedin Sales Navigator

The next step is to run a search for leads on Sales Navigator. Do that through the top search bar, or do an advanced search by hovering over "advanced" and selecting search for leads.

After that, click the Export Emails with Wiza button to start a scrape with Wiza.

Then, Wiza will launch and ask you to name your search, pick a name of your choice.

Then, pick a number of leads you'd like to scrape. This number will default to the size of the search. Please note, the maximum size is 2500 leads!

You're done!

Shortly, Wiza will be finished and you can download your results. You can close the page and come back, Wiza runs in the background.

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