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Can I get the regular LinkedIn profile instead of the Sales Navigator profile?
Can I get the regular LinkedIn profile instead of the Sales Navigator profile?

How to convert Sales Navigator profiles to LinkedIn profiles instantly

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Discovering how to transition Sales Navigator profiles to LinkedIn profiles often leads people down the path of using various tools, adding layers of complexity and frustration to the process. This article aims to streamline this journey by presenting the simplest methods to obtain regular LinkedIn profiles without the hassle of switching between multiple tools.

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Converting Sales Navigator profiles to regular LinkedIn profiles - Video

How do I convert the profiles using a formula?

To start, ensure you've downloaded your Sales Navigator profiles file. Once confirmed, open your preferred spreadsheet application—whether it's Google Sheets, Numbers, Excel, or any other—and rest assured, this formula is compatible across all platforms.

Begin by naming your sheet for better organization. Label column A as "Sales Navigator profiles" and column B as "LinkedIn profiles."

Insert the formula provided into column B, row 3, ensuring it aligns with the correct cell:


Initially, it might be displayed as an "error" or, in Google Sheets, as "#VALUE!"—no cause for concern; this indicates it's functioning correctly.

Once entered, drag the formula from cell B3 downward and upward to populate the sheet as needed. To do this, position your cursor at the bottom right of cell B3; when a "+" appears, drag it downward. The column will progressively show each cell with dotted lines instead of solid ones. Upon release, you'll see the #VALUE! or Error in all the cells where the formula has been pasted.

Lastly, copy your prospects' Sales Navigator profiles into column A to instantly convert them into LinkedIn profiles.

How do I get the regular LinkedIn profiles if I don't want to use the formula?

We know formulas might not be everyone's forte, and we get that. If you can't find Wiza Prospect among the tabs in your Wiza account, just reach out to us via live chat or email at, and we'll activate it for you.

When exporting via Wiza's Prospect tool, you'll receive the standard LinkedIn profile instead of the Sales Navigator profile, which is the obvious outcome when exporting directly from Sales Nav.

For further insights into Wiza Prospect, we've included a helpful article link for your reference.

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