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How do I export people from LinkedIn Recruiter?
How do I export people from LinkedIn Recruiter?

Export people from LinkedIn Recruiter to find emails, phones and 21+ data points

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Learn the streamlined process of exporting profiles from LinkedIn Recruiter/Recruiter Lite and enhancing them with comprehensive data enrichment. This includes acquiring work emails, personal emails, and phone numbers for a more complete contact dataset.

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Wiza with LinkedIn Recruiter

For a more visual and engaging guide on using Wiza with LinkedIn Recruiter, please check out the attached video.

Where can I export from? 💭

Wiza supports exporting from Project Pipelines. Creating these is easy. Go to Projects at the top, create a new Project, and once complete, head to Talent Pool. Once you've set filters for a search of candidates, select the ones you wish to save to the Pipeline to export.

Project Pipeline ([id]/manage)


If you wish to export from Talent Pools, save the candidates you wish to export to a Project Pipeline to continue the process.

Talent Pools ([id]/discover/recruiterSearch)

Step-by-step Guide

1. Select your desired Pipeline in LinkedIn Recruiter

In the example below, I've already created a pipeline within Recruiter Lite however if you haven't done so, create a Search and Project. Once that is done, you can add candidates to your Pipeline and export from there.


2. Click Export leads with Wiza


3. Select a desired output


4. Configure

Make sure you name your list, select the desired folder based on how you've organized your campaigns, select the emails you want, and if phones are required or not. Duplicates are auto skipped and it will automatically detect the amount of candidates in the list.

5. Launch

Once you've gone through and noted that all the information is correct, hit Start scan now and kick back while Wiza does the magic.

How do search filters work in Recruiter? 🔎

If you need an in-depth understanding of using filters in LinkedIn Recruiter, we have included a link to an invaluable resource. This guide will provide you with all the essential information you require for effective navigation and the use of filters.

How many people can I export?

Currently, LinkedIn imposes a limit of 1,000 profiles per export. If you're looking to expand your export capabilities, consider exploring Wiza Prospect, which allows for exporting up to 10,000 profiles in one go.

What data fields are available?

The data fields provided depend on what type of scan is performed, an 'Email Only' or an 'Email + Phone' scan.

For the full list of data points available, check out these 2 articles:
- What data is included with 'Email Only' exports?

We trust that this article has provided clear insights on utilizing Wiza along with LinkedIn Recruiter/Recruiter Lite effectively. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at, or simply click on the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen for immediate assistance.

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