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Need more email and phone credits? Create a custom plan

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Wiza has 2 different types of credits:

  1. Email Credits are used for finding emails. 1 email credit = 1 valid email

  2. Phone Credits are used for finding phone numbers. 1 phone credit = 1 contact enriched with phone number(s)

Micro, Pro and Growth plans DO NOT come with phone credits upfront. Phone credits are automatically billed at $0.35 each.

If you need more email credits or phone credits are a more regular basis, consider subscribing to a custom plan that includes both email and phone credits on a monthly or yearly basis.

1. Login to you Wiza account

2. Click Billing.

3. Click Change.


4. Select Custom plan

Select the desire number of email credits and phone credits. Get all credits upfront and save money with yearly plans (click the toggle button in the middle)

5. Select the number of seats

Choose how many seats you need (each user needs a seat) and confirm monthly or annual billing.

subscribe to custom wiza plan

6. Click Subscribe to Custom

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