You don’t have to use Wiza alone, add restricted users or fellow admins to help find prospects. Understand how this impacts your billing through seats.

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Adding seats to plan

After adding new users on your Wiza account, you need to update the number of seats available on your plan. New users will remain “Paused” instead of the “Active” status until you add enough seats to accommodate them.

If you remove any users from your account, you should reduce your seats when you don’t plan on filling them soon.

  1. Open your Settings.

  2. Navigate to Billing.

  3. Select Edit to adjust your seats.

Inviting Users

You can make the Wiza Chrome extension available to other members of your team as your scale your lead prospecting efforts. To get started, add your team as users:

  1. Navigate to Team.

  2. Select Invite user.

  3. List multiple email addresses to add multiple people.

Choose a role

Choose User or Admin under Role when inviting team members to Wiza.

Users can only browse and prospect new contacts to lists that they’ve created. Admins can perform the same using their own and other members’ lists. They also control the account billing.

Select Invite users to send the invites!

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