Understand credits, how many are available on your plan, and what happens when you use more credits than you have.

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Where to look to understand your credits

Your Email and Phone Credits are always visible on your navigation menu. These are the total credits available to you, and collectively, to everyone else with a seat on your Wiza account.

What are Email and Phone credits?

A credit is deducted from the totals above, each time you or your colleagues find an email or phone number.

Email Credits are used for finding emails. 1 email credit = 1 valid email

Phone Credits are used for finding phone numbers. 1 phone credit = 1 contact enriched with phone number(s)

Visit this article to learn more about how to use the Wiza Chrome extension to find leads.

How to change your monthly subscription credits

  1. Select Settings in the top-right of the navigation bar.

  2. Select Billing.

  3. Navigate to Current subscription and select Change to upgrade or downgrade your Wiza subscription.

Each plan provides different features and amount of email credits on a monthly/yearly basis depending on your subscription billing cycle.

All plans listed DO NOT include phone credits. Phone credits are billed at $0.35 USD each. If you would like to add phone credits to your plan, check out this article to learn more.

What happens if you use more credits than you have?

Your payment method will be billed an overage cost per email and phone credit used beyond your monthly subscription total.

You can view the overage cost by hovering on the credit totals displayed on the navigation bar.

When you deplete your subscription credits, overage costs per credit will continue being charged on a rolling basis, until your monthly subscription renews.

Sharing credits with your team

All credits, both email and phone, are pooled amongst all users on your team so no need to worry about splitting them up. The number of credits listed in the top right corner are the total number of credits remaining across all users on your team.

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