Wiza has a simple and flexible pricing structure. At Wiza, we have 3 plans.

Pay As You Go

With the pay as you go plan, you pay a flat 15 cents for each valid lead you receive. You get access to scrape searches and lead lists, and then download those results as a CSV.


With Wiza Pro, you'll get a fresh 300 credits each month. If you don't use them all, don't worry, they will rollover to the next month. If you go over, you'll pay a flat 10 cents for each additional valid email. Outside of credits, the pro plan gives you access to a bunch of features. Firstly, you'll be able to integrate with Salesforce or Outreach. You'll also be able to find email addresses on an individuals Linkedin Profile. With Wiza Pro, you now also have the ability to scrape Linkedin for contacts without finding their email address. There is no additional charge for these searches.


The team plan is similar to the pro plan with 3 major differences. The first is that you'll receive 1,000 credits every month instead of 300, so a better option if you go over on your Pro account. If you go over with the team plan, you'll pay a flat 8 cents for each additional valid email. With the team plan, you also have the ability to queue up unlimited scans. With other accounts, we have a maximum of 2 concurrent scans, but not with team.

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