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Why is the industry data wrong for my prospects?
Why is the industry data wrong for my prospects?

How to optimize industry data with Wiza and Sales Navigator

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Exporting data from Sales Navigator presents unique challenges, particularly in how LinkedIn handles industry classifications. LinkedIn gives users the flexibility to specify their preferred industry in their profiles, which supersedes the industry category of their current employer when filtering.

This article will guide you through two effective strategies to navigate this issue, ensuring you can extract the most accurate and useful information from Sales Navigator.

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Leveraging account lists and filters for more accurate industry data

The screenshot provided illustrates how LinkedIn enables users to select their industry independently of their current job role. This is particularly evident in Sales Navigator, where such user-specified industries fall under the 'personal category' within the filtering options, distinct from the company's industry data.

Personal industry

To refine your search based on company industries, begin by navigating to the account filters located at the top left corner, beside 'Lead', as depicted in the screenshot. Here, you can select the desired filters that align with your search criteria.

Save to list

After setting your filters, proceed to save the relevant companies to an account list.

Create new list

That list can then be integrated with your lead filters during searches, allowing you to access employees associated with the companies you've chosen.

Workflow account lists

This method enhances the likelihood that the prospects in your search results will align with the industry data of the companies you have saved, thus improving the relevance and accuracy of your search outcomes.

It's not a bulletproof solution, but it does help increase accuracy.

Navigating Beyond Sales Navigator: Unveiling Wiza Prospect's Company Filtering

A viable alternative for streamlining this process is utilizing Wiza Prospect. Unlike Sales Navigator, 'Prospect' offers the distinct advantage of filtering based on company-specific parameters, moving away from the reliance on personal industry filters that characterize Sales Navigator.

For those interested in exploring further, there's an informative article available about Wiza Prospect. The link provided will guide you through the capabilities and benefits of this tool in greater detail.

If you encounter any challenges despite utilizing these methods, please feel free to contact our support team. We are readily available to assist you. You can reach out to us through the live chat feature located at the bottom right of your screen, or you can email us at for further assistance.

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