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Why does it say my search URL is too long?
Why does it say my search URL is too long?

Why did my export fail to process? It says the search URL is too long.

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This error occurs when there are too many characters in your Sales Navigator Search URL. The Good news is, this is an easy fix!

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Search URL too long - Troubleshoot Video

This video covers all aspects of the article. If you prefer to read over and resolve this quickly without the video, there's a step-by-step walkthrough below.


If removing filters is not an option, head to the search in Sales Nav, then click Save Search to get notified of new results. Once that's done, you'll easily be able to export your search.

Navigate to your search, go to the filters section and you'll see a switch/toggle that says Save search to get notified of new results. See the below:

saved search ID

Once that's done, check the URL at the top to make sure that it says, savedSearchId. See the image below:

Once that's done, you can go ahead and hit 'Export leads with Wiza' and you shouldn't experience any more difficulties.

Still having issues?

If you're still experiencing the same issue, assess your filters and try to reduce them as much as you can. You may also check out Wiza Prospect which allows you all the functions of filtering and searching for prospects, similar to Sales Navigator all within your Wiza Dashboard.

If it's not enabled under your account, send us a message in the chat or an email to to get your access today!

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