Wiza works best by scraping leads directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. But if you already have a list of leads that you would like to scrape, you can upload your list as a .csv file.

To upload your own .csv list, click 'Upload my own list' on the left side of the 'Scans' page in your Wiza account.

Important: Make sure your list has fields for (see example below):

  • full_name OR first_name and last_name, AND

  • domain OR company

Note: The above fields are case-sensitive.

Make sure that your .csv does not have any blank fields — our tool won't be able to scrape correctly if any individual cell is left blank. Please delete the columns and rows to the right and below the required fields.

Having the domain field included in your list will improve your results, so either add the domain or consider running a scrape directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator instead.

Rest assured that if you upload duplicates and run through our email verifier we won't charge for the duplicates!

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