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Can I upload a list of emails to Wiza?
Can I upload a list of emails to Wiza?

Enrich your prospects' emails with LinkedIn URLs, job titles, company data, and more!

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The short answer is yes! If you have emails in a CSV file that you want to upload and enrich, this article will explain the required format, the information you receive in return, the associated costs, and more.

In this article:

What data do I need in the file?

If you only have emails, that will work! Some data points that can also be useful are:

Linkedin URL


Company Name

First Name

Last Name

The LinkedIn URL is a great field to have to ensure you get the most up-to-date data for your prospects, but if you don't have that, no worries!

Where do I upload the CSV?

We have an article with a video walkthrough, step-by-step instructions, and images on uploading a CSV to Wiza.

For more information, click the button below to open the article:

I've included below a brief video so you can quickly start uploading your list.

What data will I get in return?

Click the arrow on the to see a list of all the data you can expect to get in return when uploading a list of emails:

List name

Email Type

Email Status

Full Name

First Name

Last Name






LinkedIn URL



Company Domain

Company Industry

Company Subindustry

Company Size

Company Size Range

Company Founded

Company Revenue

Company Funding

Company Type

Company LinkedIn

Company Twitter (X)

Company Facebook

Company Description

Company Last Funding Round

Company Last Funding Amount

Company Last Funding At

Company Location

Company Street

Company Locality

Company Region

Company Country

If you have any other questions or requests, feel free to contact us through live chat or email us at We're always happy to assist!

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