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How can I upload a list of companies to generate leads?
How can I upload a list of companies to generate leads?

Easily bulk upload a list of companies and refine leads from your targeted accounts

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If you have a CSV or document with the names or domains of companies you want to target, you can utilize the Wiza Prospects bulk company search feature.

Below, I've included all the resources you need to quickly get your target audience's emails and phone numbers based solely on company names.

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How can I upload a list of companies to generate leads? 🎥

Where do I upload my list?

To upload your companies, navigate to your Wiza dashboard's 'Prospect' section. Use the 'Company Name' filter and select 'Bulk Company Search' below it. From there, you can paste your companies directly into the provided box OR upload a CSV file, and let Wiza work magic by selecting 'Search'!

Bulk Company Search

If you upload a CSV, please specify whether your file includes a header. The header, typically the first row, labels the fields such as Company Name, Domain, etc. If your CSV starts directly with company entries like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc., please uncheck the 'CSV has a header' box.

What format do I need?

As mentioned earlier, the format doesn’t matter. Whether you have a document or CSV list of companies, you can easily upload it to the portal and start searching for leads.

For more information on using Wiza Prospects filters to refine your leads after uploading your company list, please visit the link below to access our comprehensive collection of resources on Prospect.

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