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I have a list of LinkedIn profiles. Can I upload this to Wiza?
I have a list of LinkedIn profiles. Can I upload this to Wiza?

How to get data for your campaign with your own list of LinkedIn URLs

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Wiza is your go-to tool for deriving emails and phone numbers when provided with LinkedIn links.

If you have amassed a collection of LinkedIn profile URLs of your prospective leads, you can simply upload it in a . CSV format to Wiza.

To make this process seamless, ensure your CSV file contains a header stating the field (LinkedIn URL) then, all you need is a list of LinkedIn profile URLs. By doing this, Wiza will effortlessly generate the respective emails and phone numbers for you!

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How do I upload my list?

  1. Login to your account

    Login now

  2. Click 'Lists'


  3. Click 'Start a scan'

    Start a scan

  4. Upload a CSV list

  5. Select your file with the LinkedIn profile URLs and click 'Open'

    Open CSV file with Linkedin Profile URLs

  6. Map your fields

    In the CSV field column, please locate the "Profile Url" dropdown menu. Once found, click on the arrow as illustrated in the image below and then select "LinkedIn URLs".

    Map your fields

  7. Click 'Next step'

    Next step

  8. Select output

    Select output

  9. Configure your list

    Configure your list

  10. Start scan now

    Start scan now

Your updated list is ready!

Click the tile to view your contacts.

To view all of the contact fields provided, click to download a .CSV file with your data.

Download CSV

Have a CRM? Select the dropdown menu to send the data directly to your CRM.

How much does it cost?

Uploading your personal lists aligns with our standard pricing. Each valid email address incurs 1 email credit, and every contact with a phone number uses 1 phone credit. For more info, check out this article.

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