We have two ways for you to see your lists: downloading a .csv or viewing the list within your online account dashboard.

Download your list

To download your scraped lists, just click on the downward arrow to the right of each result (Valid, Risky, No Email and People).

Downloading the 'valid' list will give you only a list of the leads with valid emails. Downloading the 'people' list will give you a list of all the leads you scraped.

We use the lazy scroll feature to keep the page running smooth and efficiently. If you are looking to download all your lists please make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to make all the lists appear before you are looking to export the entire folder of people.

Bonus Tip

To download a the complete folder into one file, simply select the People, Valid, or Risky and the number of results associated with each email status to download all that are within that folder.

View your list

To view your list within your online account dashboard, just click on the card that you would like to see. You'll be taken to the list view of the scraped results.

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