This is what a typical scrape with Wiza will render. What exists within each category, and which is important?


The people is the total number of Linkedin profiles within a search that was scraped. You can still download this list, however not every person will have an email address associated with them.

Email unobtainable

These are the prospects that we either could not find an email address for, or, we found their email and it failed our verification test.


Risky contacts are the ones where the leads domain has an "accept all" email domain. Basically this means we aren't sure if this email is valid or not, and the only way to know is by sending an email. It's not advised to email these leads as about 50% of these emails will bounce.

Valid emails

This is pure gold! The contacts whose emails have been verified and are ready for outreach. Get this list and receive a .csv file of all the contacts. This can be uploaded to any CRM or email sender, or viewed on Excel/Google Sheets.

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