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How do I delete my Wiza account?
How do I delete my Wiza account?

I can't find where I can delete my Wiza account.

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To delete your Wiza account, you will need to make sure you are not subscribed to any plans. If you require further details regarding this process, please access the provided link, which will direct you to a cancellation guide.

If you have a custom plan where you're unable to cancel based on the guide above, please contact us via our Live chat or send an email to

Once you have completed the step above, or if you are not currently subscribed to any plans, we kindly request that you reach out to us via our live chat, which you will find at the bottom right of your screen, or via email to confirm deleting your account.

Please provide us with the email address associated with your Wiza account so we can proceed with deleting your account.

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