The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive change to EU data privacy law in decades. It took effect on the 25th May 2018. We work hard to comply with the GDPR and apply its principles as we build new services.

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Does this affect me?

The GDPR regulation applies to any EU residents' data, regardless of where the processor or controller is located. This means that if you’re using Wiza from the US to reach out to other US corporations, the regulation doesn’t affect you. But if some of your customers or leads are in the EU, you should pay attention to it.

In practice, most companies need to take the GDPR into consideration.

How Wiza is complying with the GDPR

Even though the GDPR only applies to data from EU residents, we made the decision to apply broadly the requirement of the regulation. This means that we don’t restrict any privacy-related feature based on the geographical location of a data subject.

Here are some of the actions we’ve taken to ensure we’re compliant:

Purposes of the processing

We process only publicly available online data for informational purposes. Our users have a legitimate interest in having easier access to already public data regarding other businesses. By working as a specialized search engine, we make it possible for companies to connect with each other.

Systematic pseudonymisation of non-public data

Our applications heavily pseudonymise data to ensure the privacy of data subjects. Any attributes that doesn’t need to remain in its original form is truncated to remove any possibility to be linked back to a specific data subject.

Right of erasure

Because we deal with publicly available web data, information removed from a website are also removed from our database. But if a data subject wishes to speed up the removal of any in our index, we offer a way to claim email addresses. It is then possible to either update the data or entirely remove it.


We’re taking the security of the data we manage very seriously. Our architecture has been vastly upgraded prior to the GDPR enforcement: Our entire cluster is systematically behind a firewall. Double authentication is required for any connection.

Wiza does not condone ‘spamming’ thousands of emails with the same message. Instead, our tool lets sales reps connect with B2B leads who will be interested in their product. 


We invite you to look at our Privacy Policy as it contains a precise description of how we process data. Should you have any other questions, we’re here to help: [email protected].

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