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Wiza Prospect Overview

Simplifying your workflow by consolidating multiple platforms into one

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With Wiza Prospect, honing in on your perfect leads becomes a seamless and precise process, thanks to a wide array of filter options. Effortlessly tailor your audience, refine your search criteria, and swiftly export your customized lead list – all with just a few clicks.

Did you know that Wiza Prospect, encompasses an impressive 95% of LinkedIn's data, all updated and current? This is a significant leap from the usual 30-50% coverage provided by most prospecting tools, where much of the data often turns out to be outdated.

Experience the difference with Wiza and see how it can empower you to tap into a much broader segment of your target market. Why settle for less when you can access nearly the entire LinkedIn database with Wiza? πŸͺ„

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