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Everything you need to know about Wiza Prospect
Everything you need to know about Wiza Prospect

Search, filter, and export all with Wiza Prospect, without the need for LinkedIn!

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Discover the latest enhancement on Wiza – introducing Wiza Prospect, now with LinkedIn capabilities. Dive into 'Prospect' and uncover the power to curate, filter, and export your desired prospect lists seamlessly.

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What is Wiza Prospect?

Think of Wiza Prospect as your one-stop solution, allowing you to apply filters to find leads all within the Wiza App. Craft and refine your target audience in seconds, followed by a swift export. Check out the video below for a comprehensive overview, exploring the vast filtering options available at your fingertips.

Wiza Prospect (Video Walkthrough)

In the video below, find out everything you need to know about Wiza Prospect. How do you search, export, enrich individually, etc?

Why use Prospect?


With Wiza Prospect seamlessly integrated into your dashboard, enjoy its benefits at no additional cost. Unlike Sales Navigator or Recruiter, there's no extra charge for leveraging these robust capabilities within Wiza.

Enhanced Efficiency:

You no longer need to juggle multiple platforms. Wiza streamlines your workflow by consolidating prospect information gathering, filtering, and exporting – all within a single platform.


Wiza Prospect has unparalleled coverage compared to competitors. Experience up to 97% coverage of prospects listed on LinkedIn seamlessly mirrored on Wiza's platform. For instance, while Sales Navigator displays 196 million prospects in the US, Wiza accurately reflects 192 million, towering over competitors who only capture a fraction of the available prospects.

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