NOTE: All users who subscribed to a plan prior to May 15, 2022 will not be able to cancel their subscription from within their account as they are subscribed to plans that are currently no longer offered.

Please send us a message via our live chat or email [email protected] to cancel.

1. Log into you Wiza account

Log into you Wiza account

2. Click Settings.

Click 'Settings'

3. Click Billing.

Click 'Billing'

4. Click Change.

Click 'Change'

5. Click Cancel under your current plan.

Click 'Cancel' under your current plan

6. Click I agree, please cancel.

Please note, since all of our plans are subscription based, you will lose access to any remaining credits at the end of your billing cycle.

Click 'I agree, please cancel'

7. Your subscription has been successfully cancelled.

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