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What happens if I change my plan?
What happens if I change my plan?

Where do I go to change my plan and what happens when I do so?

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Switching your plan is a breeze. Adjusting your subscription to either upgrade or downgrade often aligns better with your current needs and future prospecting strategies. This article aims to provide clarity and guidance for a seamless transition when the time comes to make changes.

After logging into your Wiza account, navigate to the settings by clicking your profile icon with your initials located at the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, choose 'Billing,' as demonstrated in the accompanying image.

On the billing page, you'll easily spot the section labelled 'Current subscription,' where you can conveniently Change your plan.

Your current plan will stand out and be highlighted for easy identification, while alternative options will appear alongside it. For those on monthly or yearly plans, beneath the 'Pick a plan' description, you'll find a toggle allowing you to seamlessly switch between monthly and yearly payment terms, enabling you to explore different payment options effortlessly.

What happens when I downgrade?

When you switch your plan—be it an upgrade or a downgrade—your renewal remains unchanged. Downgrading incurs no additional cost at the time of doing so.

What happens when I upgrade?

Upgrading factors in your renewal date and the credits utilized on your current plan from your last payment. The charges for an upgrade are prorated based on these key factors. If you're upgrading from monthly to yearly, it will still be prorated.

Just as mentioned earlier, your renewal date stays consistent with its original schedule.

Hopefully, this sheds more light on the differences between upgrades and downgrades. Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out via our live chat at the bottom right of your screen or at for more detailed information.

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