A scrape returns 0 results for a few different reasons. If your search returns 0 valid emails, it's most likely because you're targeting one company. If your search returns 0 results, it's most likely because you're scraping from a shared lead list.

What if I get 0 valid emails?

Are you trying to scrape lead emails from a single company?

That approach usually works, but sometimes runs into a snag. Wiza first identifies the domain of the company you're trying to reach, then uses that domain to find individual emails. If the has set up multiple domains for security, the resulting emails will sometimes be invalid.

To avoid this issue, we recommend including multiple companies within your search or list, then sort by account within your CRM or .csv.

What if I get 0 results?

Wiza is unable to scrape shared lead lists. Scraping from a shared lead list will either continue pending or return 0 results

To fix, just copy the lead list to your own Sales Nav account. Hit “Actions” at the top of the page, then “Make a copy”. 

If that doesn’t work, it may be because you’re on multiple Sales Nav teams. Unfortunately our system doesn’t work with users who have multiple team connections. You’ll need to create a separate Sales Nav account to use Wiza. 

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