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Building rapport at scale using Sales Navigator
Building rapport at scale using Sales Navigator
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search for prospects across the platform with a wide variety of filters. Some of these filters can be used to reference in your outreach and build rapport with your prospects fast. Here are some examples.


You can target prospects based on what school they went to. If your product sells to VP's of Marketing and you went to the University of Miami, try adding this filter to your search to get a list of prospects that went to your same school. In your email, you can reference this to make your email stand out.


LinkedIn also lets you filter prospects for certain groups they are in. There's a whole host of groups on LinkedIn and it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the groups your ideal customers might be in. A good idea would be to look at your current customers on LinkedIn and see what groups they are in, and search more broadly for prospects that are in those groups. You can also reference this information in your outreach "I wanted to reach out as you're a part of _______ on LinkedIn."

Past Company

Make sure to conduct searches that include the "past company" filter. You can put together great lists of prospects with connections to you through their past company. Perhaps you both worked at the same company, or they worked for one of your clients. Try to think about how this can be used in your lead generation.


To efficiently extract leads connected to your company on LinkedIn, you can create a designated 'Lead List' and follow these steps: Navigate to the top of the page and click the 'Leads' option. Next, choose the specific lead list you wish to work with. Towards the far right side of the screen, you will find a tab labelled 'Leads that follow your company on LinkedIn.' This feature proves invaluable in identifying potential prospects within your LinkedIn network. By implementing this process, you can effectively export leads who have expressed interest in your company, enabling you to further engage with them and explore potential business opportunities.

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