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Wiza's Information Classification and Handling Policy
Wiza's Information Classification and Handling Policy
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Wiza has established a comprehensive Information Classification and Handling Policy to protect the integrity and confidentiality of its data. This policy outlines the classification levels of information and guidelines for handling, labelling, and sharing Wiza's information. It applies to all forms of information—electronic, paper-based, or verbal—and covers all Wiza employees and systems.

Information Classification

Upon receipt or creation, all information must be classified into one of the following categories based on its sensitivity and value: Public, Internal Use, Restricted, or Confidential. This classification guides how information is accessed, shared, and handled.

Labeling Requirements

The information must be appropriately labelled to indicate its classification level. This includes labelling paper documents, electronic files, emails, and electronic storage media.

Access and Handling Guidelines

Specific guidelines are provided for handling information at each classification level. This includes measures for secure storage, sharing, and destruction of information.


Individuals accessing classified information must adhere to Wiza's handling guidelines, complete a Confidentiality Statement, and report any incidents of improper handling in accordance with the Security Incident Management Policy.

Periodic Review and Updates

Information and system owners must review the confidentiality levels of their information assets every five years or after significant changes, adjusting the classification as necessary.


A comprehensive guide is available, including specific handling instructions for each classification level and guidelines for electronic communications, system access, and oral transmissions. This document is essential for understanding the framework and protocols for safeguarding Wiza's sensitive information.

Please find more in-depth details and examples in the attached PDF.

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