If you've got a search that contains more than 2,500 prospects, you'll have to break it up into fewer pieces. You can do this easily by filtering your search, here's an example:

This search contains 4,777 people. To break this up, I have a few options. I can use many of the filters available to me. In this example, I'm already using Industry and Geography. To make it easy, I'll use function:

As you can see, I can select Business Development and Operations, and get enough people to split this list. 

I now have 2,197 prospects, I'll scrape this list!

Once this list is being scraped, I'll now simply exclude the two functions I put. I'll do this by hovering over each of the functions and clicking the X button.

Done, now that they're excluded, I have the remainder of my search.

Bonus Tip:

Put both these searches in their own folders within Wiza. This will let you download the entire list as one file easily.

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