If you have a Sales Navigator search with more than 2,500 leads, you'll have further filter your search to 2,500 or fewer results, here's an example:

This search contains 4,777 leads. To divide your search, use the numerous filters available to you. In this example, we have already filtered by 'Industry' and 'Geography'. One common way to further divide your is the the 'Function' filter.

By selecting 'Business Development' and 'Operations', our search has now been reduced to 2,197 results.

Go ahead and select 'Export emails with Wiza' to scrape this group of leads. Make sure to name your list according to reflect the specific filters used so your scrapes can be easily identified later.

First time using Wiza? Learn how to run your first scrape here

While this list is being scraped, lets exclude the 'Business Development' and 'Operations' function to get the remaining leads in the search. Do this by hovering over each of the functions and clicking the X button, the functions will turn red when they have been excluded.

Done, now that they have been excluded, I have the remaining 2,249 leads of my original search.

Go ahead and select 'Export emails with Wiza' to scrape this group of leads. Similar to before, make sure to name your list accordingly.

Bonus Tip:

By putting both these searches in separate folders within your Wiza scans, you will be able to download the entire scrape in one click.

To learn more about seeing your results, click here

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