Wiza Organization: Unlimited Emails for $89/month

Wiza has just released the first ever truly unlimited email prospecting plan. For just $89/month per user, enjoy uncapped email exporting.

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We are excited to invite users to explore the all-new Wiza Organization plan. This plan is unlike any offering we've provided before. Wiza Organization is designed for worry-free, high-volume prospecting, and is perfect for teams who are looking to take their outbound campaigns to another level with Wiza.

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Overview of Wiza Organization

  • Unlimited Email Credits: Truly unlimited, there's no cap/maximum

  • Multi-channel prospecting: Export unlimited valid emails from 5 sources

    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    • LinkedIn Recruiter

    • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

    • Individual LinkedIn Profile Pages

    • CSV Upload

  • Competitive Pricing: $89/user, per month

    • Minimum 5 users

    • Annual billing only

    • No overage charges; you will have unlimited email credits

    • Access to discounted phone credit packages



  1. I see "unlimited" thrown around a lot, but is it unlimited?

    1. Yes. Wiza is the first to offer this. You do not have a limit

  2. Do I need LinkedIn Premium to utilize this plan?

    1. No, you don't. Wiza's CSV Upload feature allows you to upload contacts from your own database; you don't even need a LinkedIn account!

  3. Do I need a minimum number of team members to get this plan?

    1. No. Any team size. We have some single users and some 100+ seat users

    2. Access is provided for up to 5 users at $89 x 5 = $445/month

  4. Can I export these contacts in bulk outside of Wiza?

    1. Yes. Unlike the competition who limits your export abilities, Wiza allows you to take any and all of your contacts out of Wiza through a downloadable CSV, or by syncing them directly to your CRM

  5. Does this work with your API?

    1. No, API usage will always be credit-based. We are happy to offer competitive volume discounts for API users. Please book a demo for more information.

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