Are you loving Wiza and would you like to share us with your network? Then make sure to sign up for our affiliate program first and we'll reward you for spreading the word.

The process is simple. First, you can apply for the program using the link below.

Then once you're signed up and approved, you'll have your very own affiliate dashboard and link. Simply share this link with anyone you believe might be interested in using Wiza, and we'll share their revenue with you.

So how does it work?

The Wiza affiliate program has a cookie-time of 45 days and a lifetime recurring revenue share of 30%. What that means is that after someone uses your link to visit the Wiza website, then we'll still attribute the sign-up to you even if they sign up 44 days later.

Then, for every amount they spend with us during their time as a Wiza user, you'll receive a 30% share. This is a share of the total revenue they bring in (so not just the profits) without any caps to it. So to give an example: if someone signs up to our TEAM plan at $100 per month and stays with us for 6 months, you'll receive $30 each of those 6 months.

All payments are processed by our affiliate partner Tapfiliate, however you can of course add your preferred payment method to their platform.

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