1. Gather Your Leads

First up: lead generation.

You have two different options for getting leads to enrich with Wiza: search and save within LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or upload your own lead list via a .csv file.

Upload your .csv

If you already have a list of inbound leads, customers or leads from another platform, this is the way to go. First, make sure the .csv is properly formatted. The list will need fields for:

  • full_name OR first_name and last_name, AND

  • company OR domain

Then just click ‘Upload my own list’. Once it’s up, you’ll see a “Process” button on the list card.

Search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The other option is to generate leads from Sales Nav, then pull that list for processing. First, narrow your search to below 2500 results. You can either export directly from search or save your leads to a list.

Then click ‘Export emails with Wiza’ on the top right. A new window will pop up and you’ll be taken to the Wiza platform.

2. Set up a scan

After you click ‘Export emails with Wiza’, you’ll see the ‘Start a scan’ page. To use Wiza Enrich (with 30+ data points on your leads and accounts), select ‘Enrich’ at the bottom.

Name your list before clicking ‘Select’.

After you click 'Select’, you’ll see a screen with a few different points:

  • How many people to scrape? This is automatically set to the number in the Sales Nav search or spreadsheet, but you can change it to any number.

  • Skip duplicates. We recommend keeping this box checked so that you don’t create duplicate leads and skip leads already discovered.

  • Estimate: To give you peace of mind, we tell you the estimated number of matches required and time to completion.

3. Review

What are matches?

A ‘match’ is when we’re able to enrich a single lead with the data that you require (emails, phone numbers, etc.) To narrow down your results, we recommend requiring the data that you’ll need for outreach.

For example, if you need both work emails and phone numbers, check those boxes before you hit ‘Launch scan’ on the Scans page. You’ll only use matches for the leads we’re able to find both phone numbers and work emails for.

Start your scan

Finally, select ‘Launch scan’ and your scrape will start! We will send you an email when your report is ready, so don’t worry about hanging around.

4. Access your enriched leads

You can access your lead lists in any of 3 ways: download a .csv, view the Contacts tab or export to your CRM.

Download your .csv files

When your report is ready, you’ll see a ‘Finished’ checkmark and four lines on your list card: valid, risky, no email and people (‘People’ includes all the leads we returned for you). You can download any of these lists by clicking the arrow to the right of each designation.

View your contacts

If you want to view specific leads (or accounts), click on the ‘Contacts’ tab at the top of the Wiza app.

There, you can sort your contacts by valid emails, lists, name, account and more.

Export to your CRM

Finally, we have integrations with Salesforce, Outreach and Hubspot.

To export your enriched leads, click the ‘Sync’ button on the right side of your list card. If you haven’t set up the integration yet, you’ll be prompted to connect Wiza to your CRM.

For Salesforce, using the ‘Sync’ button will save your entire list as leads. You can also save your leads as contacts to Salesforce by going to the ‘Contacts’ tab and clicking ‘Save’ next to each record.

That’s how to use Wiza Enrich in a nutshell! If you have any additional questions or run into a roadblock, let us know by opening up a help chat at Wiza.co or emailing us: team@wiza.co.

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