The use cases for Wiza Enrich are nearly endless. We have RevOps, recruiters, growth marketers, PPC specialists, SDRs, VPs of Sales and founders.

Here are a handful of ways Wiza Enrich users are getting the most out of our platform.


Lead generation doesn’t have to take away from your SDRs’ valuable time. Wiza Enrich amplifies and speeds up sales development.

Here’s what prospecting looks like using Wiza Enrich:

  • Prospect in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Alternatively, upload your own lead list with your leads’ full names and account names.

  • Choose the data you need for your sequence. We offer more than 30 data points, but you can choose a handful that you require in order for us to return a match. Phone, professional and personal emails and social media are the most popular.

  • Feed the results into your CRM for brand new opportunities. After your report is finished, you can either download the .csv or sync your contacts directly with SFDC, Outreach and HubSpot.

Growth Marketing

Wiza Enrich is your all-in-one lead gen solution for social selling, outbound campaigns and effective PPC ads. A match made in heaven for growth marketers, in other words.

Here are a few ways growth marketers are using Wiza Enrich:

  • Prospecting in Sales Nav as a foundation for account-based campaigns or partnership outreach.

  • Uploading existing lead lists from their ABM campaigns, inbound leads and customer base. Enriching these lists give entirely new ways to engage with both leads and users.

  • Working more closely with sales. Growth marketers will pass phone numbers and professional emails to sales and set up custom audiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Digital / PPC

When using B2B advertising on social media, it’s usually difficult to nail down your ICP within the campaign — or ends up being too expensive on LinkedIn. With Wiza Enrich, you can create hyper personalized campaigns that bring your professional brand to Twitter and Facebook.

Here are a few ways digital marketers are using Wiza Enrich:

  • Starting with a targeted, custom list pulled from Sales Nav to show personalized B2B ads on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Asking sales for the leads they’re reaching out to. PPC specialists will then enrich the list using Wiza and set up PPC campaigns alongside their outbound efforts.

  • Working with the CX team to set up reengagement social campaigns for inactive users. They pull their list of users, enrich and segment the list with Wiza, then set up personalized ads on Twitter and Facebook.


Recruiters use LinkedIn to source the best candidates and then use Wiza Enrich to get the candidate info they need to perform well.

Here are a few ways recruiters are using Wiza Enrich:

  • Because Sales Nav is less expensive than LinkedIN Recruiter, experienced recruiters are creating role-based lists within LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then they export and enrich once they have a good candidate list.

  • Searching for phone numbers to add a new way to get in touch with candidates.

  • Avoiding getting buried in InMail (and company email accounts) with personal email addresses.


Cold email and full-service agencies are solving a problem for their clients. In turn, we solve a problem for them: sourcing thousands of enriched leads in less time and for less money.

Here are a few ways recruiters are using Wiza Enrich:

  • Getting better cold outreach results with verified email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Providing clients with deeper information at the hand off, with company and role data, social media accounts and more.

  • Scaling their own operations by targeting VPs and sales directors, primed for personalized outreach.

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