Both of Wiza’s tools will help you speed up your targeted prospecting efforts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Wiza Prospect

We built Wiza Prospect to be the best, easiest-to-use prospecting tool for sales.

With Wiza Prospect, you use CREDITS to pull your lead info from Sales Nav (name, company, LinkedIn URL) and then scrape the web for valid, professional email addresses.

Sales reps can use Wiza Prospect to quickly find lead emails and see 99% deliverability in their outbound efforts.

To see all the field available with Prospect, click here

Wiza Enrich

We created Wiza Enrich to streamline the data enrichment process for sales and marketing teams.

With Wiza Enrich, you use MATCHES to pull lead info from Sales Nav (or upload a .csv), then get enriched data for your leads. Beyond professional emails, Wiza Enrich also collects:

  • Company data (size, industry, location, social media and more)

  • Lead data (title, function, location, birthdate, interests and more)

  • Contact info (professional and personal emails, phone numbers, social media)

The biggest difference with Enrich, is you receive additional personal emails as well as phone numbers.

To see all the field available with Enrich, click here

Can I use both Wiza Prospect and Enrich?

Yes! Sometimes you’ll just need valid email addresses and sometimes you’ll need enriched lead data.

Every time you run a report, you’ll be given the option of whether you would like to use Prospect or Enrich.

We have flexible plans, so you have a few different options. Click here to learn more.

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