When you launch your Wiza Enrich scrape (either by uploading your own list or starting from LinkedIn Sales Nav), you’ll have two choices to make:

  1. Include in .csv: Which fields you want us to include in your .csv, and

  2. Require this data: Which data points are absolutely necessary for your purposes.

What’s the difference?

For “include in .csv.,” you’re telling us your wishlist for the enriched data you want in the lead list. By leaving everything checked, we will include as much information as possible for the leads you’re scraping.

For example: If you select ‘AngelList’, we will include a column for leads’ AngelList profiles. We will populate as many fields as possible, even though not all leads will have an AngelList profile.

For “require this data,” you’re telling us which enriched data are deal breakers if we are unable to find the information. In that case, we will leave the lead off the final list. We won’t count it as a “match” and you will not be charged. The options here are more narrowly focused:

  • Phone numbers

  • Personal emails

  • Social profiles

For example: If you select all social profiles, we will only give you (and charge you for) the leads we are able to find a LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook handle for.

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