How to use find phone number using Wiza Enrich:

1. Make sure that you are subscribed to Wiza Full Enrichment

Go into your Wiza profile and switch to the Enrich tab, then select the plan that best fits your needs.

Then run your search in Linkedin Sales Navigator, and export your results by clicking "Export emails with Wiza" on the top right. A new window will pop up and you’ll be taken to the Wiza app.

2. Set up your scan

Once you hit export, the start a scan dashboard will open up through our website and it will ask you to name the scan.

Once you have named the scan, make sure to select Full enrichment at the bottom.

After you click ‘Next’, you’ll see a screen with a few different points:

  • How many people to scrape? This is automatically set to the number in the Sales Nav search or spreadsheet, but you can change it to any number.

  • Skip leads already discovered. We recommend keeping this box checked so that you don’t create duplicate leads.

  • Use free matches or Get entire list. ‘Use free matches’ will stop the scrape after your available matches have been used. ‘Get entire list’ will start charging the Pay as You Go rate ($0.25/match) after you’ve exhausted your available matches.

  • Estimate: To give you peace of mind, we tell you the estimated cost and time to completion.

Once you hit next, you will see a screen with all of the data points that Full enrichment can find for you.

You’ll see two different columns in this section:

  • Include in CSV: Keep all of these checked or, if you don’t need particular data points (like company address), feel free to uncheck any that are irrelevant.

  • Require this data: The data points that you absolutely need for each scrape. We’ll only charge you for the leads we’re able to return with all the selected fields

You will need to select Work or Personal emails on the left side, and on the right side select phone numbers. You will only be charged for the leads that come back with phone numbers.

One your scan has completed, download your results by clicking the arrow besides valid, risky, or people to get the entire list, and start your direct dial reach out process!

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