A recent LinkedIn update (3/11/20) has been affecting lead lists and saved searches.

What is the problem? 

Exporting saved searches and lead lists. You'll most likely see a lot of "add account" buttons next to your leads in those saved searches and lists. This means their company information is missing, meaning Wiza can't extract them. If you try exporting from these lists, your 'results' will return zero. 

When starting a scrape from a regular search this problem won't occur.

What is the fix? 

Run your lead lists through search. At the top of the advanced filters on the search page, you'll see "Custom Lists". Click there and select the lead list you want to scrape. The search results page will only show people on that list, and you can export as normal.

We're sorry for the temporary workarounds - and we're working on a fix ASAP!

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