Wiza Connect is designed to take your prospecting to the next level with personalized cold email campaigns. 

Follow these steps to get started with Wiza Connect:

1. Click "New campaign"

On the main Connect page, you'll see the card on the left. 

2. Upload or connect your contacts

You can either upload your contacts as a .csv or load an existing Wiza list. 

Once you choose an initial list, you can add additional lists (or .csv files) on the next page. 

When you've loaded all your contacts, click "Next Step". 

3. Set up your sequence

Now it's time to set up your actual cold email campaign! 

You'll have a few steps on this page:

  1. Customize your emails from the templates. Check out our tips for cold emails.
  2. Use the <> Variables button in the top right to personalize your subject and email. 
  3. Add steps to your sequence. You start out with 2 steps, but you can add a handful more. 
  4. Save your email as a template. Click Templates on the bottom right to save your first cold email as a template (and to use the saved template in the future). 
  5. Hit Preview to see how your cold email will appear using the variables. 

4. Review

Review your email campaign, contacts and sequence. If everything looks good, hit 'Save and Continue' to get ready to push your cold emails out. 

5. Configure your email campaign. 

This is your final step before sending out your emails!

Configure your email campaign with:

  1. Sender email account. Add any account you have connected with Wiza. To connect more accounts, click + Add account in the dropdown. (sometimes Google shows a warning message regarding sharing your data with Wiza. Click 'Agree' to continue. If it's an 'unsafe' error, click on 'Advanced' and then 'Proceed'). 
  2. Make sure Track Opens is selected to get the most out of your email analytics. Make sure Track Clicks is off, since it can affect deliverability. 
  3. Set up your custom schedule. We have it set automatically to send M-F during business hours, but you can customize however you'd like.
  4. Set a Custom Daily Limit. We recommend 200 emails/day. 

Optional: If you have accounts, domains or people you'd like to exclude from your campaign, add them to your Suppression List under Settings.

6. Start your campaign

After you click next, you'll be taken to the campaign Overview - but your campaign isn't running yet! To get it going, click 'Start campaign' in the center of the screen. 

Congrats, you're off to the races!

7. Track your campaign 

On the campaign Overview page, you'll see the analytics on your campaign.

You'll see:


For each item, you can click through to see which leads have taken the action.

Let us know if you have any other questions in getting your Connect campaign going!

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