Wiza allows you to generate 100's of valid leads in one click, but you need a Linkedin Sales Navigator account. If you don't have an account, you have two options available to you:

1. Start a Free Trial

Did you know Linkedin offers a 30-day free trial for Sales Navigator? Use those 30 days to generate 1000's of leads with Wiza that you can use for the next few months. You can get their offer at linkedin.com/sales

2. Let Us Help

Another option is to reach out to us and we will use our account and do it for you. If you reach out to our live chat in the bottom right corner or email us at hello@wiza.co - just tell us you don't have a Sales Navigator account and be ready to answer a few questions regarding your target market and the number of leads you want. We'll bill you the exact same price of 15 cents per verified lead!

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