To find phone numbers, you will need to be on an Enrich plan. To learn more about Enrich and the fields available with Enrich scans, click here

1. Make sure that you are subscribed to Wiza Enrich

Go into your Wiza profile and switch to the Enrich tab, then select the plan that best fits your needs.

2. Run a Search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The next step is to run a search for leads on Sales Navigator. Do that through the top search bar, or select 'All Filters' to build a lead list using the available filters.

Next, click the 'Export Emails with Wiza' button to start a scrape with Wiza.

Don't see the 'Export Emails with Wiza' button? Make sure you've downloaded the Wiza Chrome extension

If you don't have this, it won't be possible to use Wiza. Click below to download it now.

3. Set up your scan

Then, Wiza will launch and ask you to enter a List name, name it something relevant to the search you made ie. Startup Founders.

Then, select the type of scan you would like to do, in this case since we want phone numbers, select 'Enrich'.

Then, enter the number of leads from your Sales Navigator search that you would like Wiza to scrape. The scrape size will default to the size of the Sales Navigator search. Please note, the maximum size is 2500 leads, learn how to get around this.

Then, select the type of email you would like Wiza to find.

One your scan has completed, download your results by clicking the arrow besides valid, risky, or people to get the entire list, and start your direct dial reach out process!

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